VAT Calculator is a very easy calculator with ability to make VAT calculations on the fly.

Click in any of the three screens to enter values in it, and watch VAT being calculated in the others as you type. Long press/Right click (on Windows PC) the screen to copy the value in that screen to the clipboard. If you have a hardware keyboard connected to your phone or tablet you can also used it instead of touching the screen to enter numbers and perform calculations.

Windows 10 PC tutorial

Press the button with the flag the choose the country you want. Long press/Right click (on Windows PC) to alternate between current country and custom country. Press the tax button to select the desired tax.

If the country does not yet exist you can submit the following form so that we can add it to the application. Meanwhile you can select the "Custom" country and go to the settings to add the taxes that you need. In this case the country flag will be a star.

The settings menu is accessible via the "hamburger" button to the left of the "VAT Excluded" screen, in the Classic theme, or on the navigation bar at the top if using a theme.

Click the "hamburger" button to open menu 
Drawer menu opened

Android: Settings menu

iOS: Settings menu
Windows: Settings menu



This option allows the customization of taxes that will appear in "Custom" country.

Click on one of the added taxes to edit it. Long click or swipe left (on iOS) to delete


The FILTER TAXES option shows all taxes for a determined country or only the taxes in effect. When a new tax comes in effect we keep the old taxes as well, for reference This option allows the user to select what taxes are shown when the tax button is pressed. Taking France as an example you can can check below the difference with the option set to OFF or ON, This setting in off by default.

Filter taxes ON

Filter taxes OFF (default)


This option allows the user to set the desired number format between four different "Thousand separators" and two "Decimal separators". It is also possible to chose the number of decimal places ranging from zero to five and the digit grouping between None, 3 digits, 4 digits and Indian system.

Choosing the number format


This option allows the user to select the in app language independently of the language of the device. The default language is Automatic


The THEME option allows you to customize the appearance of the calculator. In the Android and iOS versions you can set the theme to Classic and to several different colors.

Blue theme in portrait
Green theme in landscape


The option KEEP SCREEN ON when selected, prevents the screen from turning off, allowing the continuous use of the calculator. IMPORTANT: Please note that enabling this option affects the battery life because the screen and the phone don't enter suspend mode. Of course you can turn the screen off manually. This option is absent form the Windows PC version. This setting in off by default.


The option SHOW PERCENT (%) SIGN  replaces the default ± sign with a percent button and use it as in a normal calculator.


The option VIBRATE, when enabled, sets the vibration on (on supported devices) so that you have some kind of feedback when pressing the calculator keys. This option is absent form the iOS and Windows PC version. This setting in on by default.


The option VIBRATE DURATION allows you to set a custom vibrate intensity. This option depends on the VIBRATE option. This option is not available in iOS and Windows PC version.The default value is 30ms. 


The option SAVE VALUES saves the results when you leave the application. When you close VAT Calculator all values are stored, so that when you open it again you can continue with previous calculations. This setting in on by default.


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  2. Create widget for small app

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  5. Como se puede arreglar a mi me salen todos los números cortados antes no lo hacia

  6. Como se puede arreglar a mi me salen todos los números cortados antes no lo hacia

  7. Por favor, póngase en contacto vía email para la ayuda. Gracias

  8. Es necesario incorporar el % de descuento. Por ejemplo quiero saber en 100 dólares(incluido IVA) cuánto sería el IVA con un descuento del 3%

  9. Would you be able to add a calculation log when calculating, this way you can see what you have typed as you go along, there is one other app that does this but I don't like the lay out?

  10. please divide the tax part to cgst and sgst

  11. Cómo se calcula un valor donde está incluido el iva?

    1. Muy fácil. Simplemente seleccione la pantalla IVA incluido (inferior) y escriba la cantidad. También asegúrese de tener la tasa de IVA correcta