Friday 31 July 2015

Version 1.7.0 - Ad free version released (Pro version)

Today we released a new version of VAT Calculator. This new version, is indeed a new app, the Pro version.

The only difference between both versions is that Pro does not have ads and has a logo that identifies it as a different version.

You can download this Pro version directly from this link or download the version with ads from this one.

Monday 27 July 2015

Version 1.6.2 - Layout update

The version 1.6.2, released today, is just a minor update to the layout of the calculator. Following the changes of version 1.6.0 a user reported that in his device the update broke the calculator. 

We hope that this release fixes this for all users and devices.  However if you still have misplaced items in your screen, please contact us so that we can fix it.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Version 1.6.1 - Added Ecuador and updated taxes in Greece

Today we released version 1.6.1 of VAT Calculator. In this version  we added Ecuador to the list of supported countries. Ecuador currently has a VAT tax of 12%.

Flag of Ecuador

Thanks to one of users from Greece we updated their VAT rates. Starting 20th July the rate of 6.5% is reduced to 6% while the taxes of 13% and 23% remain the same.

Monday 6 July 2015

Version 1.6.0. - Added landscape mode and support for physical keyboards

In version 1.6.0. we also introduced the long waited landscape mode. 

VAT Calculator in landscape mode
Also, if you work with a tablet, you probably have a hardware (physical) keyboard connected to it, either via bluetooth or via USB cable - in that case you can use VAT Calculator with your keyboard.

Version 1.6.0 - Added Nicaragua, Philippines and Moldova

Version 1.6.0 of VAT Calculator was just released in the Play Store. In this new version we added three new countries Nicaragua, Philippines and Moldova (suggested by our users - Thanks!!)

Nicaragua, Philippines and Moldova flags

At the moment their current tax rates are:

  • Nicaragua - 15%
  • Philippines - 12%
  • Moldova - 5%, 8% and 20%
We also updated the VAT rates of Portugal - Azores. Starting July 1st their rates are 4%, 9% and 18%.

As reported by users, the rates of Puerto Rico and Slovenia were wrong, and were also fixed.